Truth Table Simplifier



This page require Java. The Java Plug-In is available free from Sun Microsystems at


This applet converts a truth table representation of one or more boolean functions and their inverses to simplified sum-of-products expressions. Note that a product-of-sums representation can be obtained by inverting the sum-of-products form of the inverse. There can be up to six independent variables and the number of functions is effectively unlimited. It does the simplification by the logical equivalent of a Karnaugh Map analysis.

To use the applet first enter a text representation of the truth table in the left hand text area, under the word "Input". There should be 2^N+1 rows, where N is the number of independent variables. The first row contains the variable names. These should be single letters or otherwise easy to recognize because concatentation is used to represent boolean "and".

The remaining rows contain the bit patterns for the truth table, which must be in conventional order, with the right hand independent variable changing most rapidly. Columns are separated by spaces or tabs. Note that the format is compatible with pasting the contents of e.g. an MS Word table.

Once the truth table has been entered, press the "Compute" button. If the program detects any errors it will report them in the right hand text area. If not, it will display the results there.

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